We are NC Kombuchary! A family owned and operated kombucha brewery located in beautiful Grass Valley, CA.

When we started noticing that many top kombucha brands did not stand up to our homebrew standards we decided to take the plunge into business and start selling what was already known locally as “the best kombucha in the world.”

Our passion for crafting delicious beverages, paired with a desire for sustainability and caring for our community has resulted in the creation of an unparalleled kombucha. We pack each batch full of locally and organically sourced whole food flavors - you will notice the difference!

The Kombuchary is not just another beverage company - we are on a mission to spread health, joy, environmental sustainability and living wages! “Come booch with us!”

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Recommendations, questions, good news? Let us know!

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Blueberry - Strawberry - Blackberry


Raspberry - Lemon - Energy Blend


Strawberries - Local Mint


Proudly brewed with love in Nevada County, California
— the nc kombuchary family