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Nc Kombuchary is a boutique kombucha brewery and art gallery located in beautiful Grass Valley, California run by brothers Sean and Patrick Millar. With the addition of their sister Erin as bookkeeper, it is a true family business. Their passion for health, community, sustainability and craftsmanship has culminated in creation of an unparalleled kombucha that is simple, pure and packed full of locally and organically sourced whole food flavors. They believe that kombucha has much to offer the world as a healthy alternative to the plethora of carbonated beverages out there and can bring healing to a world that is so oversaturated with unhealthy sodas and so called “energy” drinks. NCK strives to experiment with new and exciting recipes often and expand their brewing capacities as often as needed. All our decisions are made with an ethos of positive contribution to our local market, people and environment.

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Proudly brewed with love in Nevada County, California
— the nc kombuchary family





Blueberry - Strawberry - Blackberry


Local Apples - Fresh Cinnamon


Strawberries - Local Mint



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Recommendations, questions, good news? Let us know!